As a watch lover, collector and maker, I see beauty in every single watch I lay my eyes on...

I find charm in the way it looks, I can picture the story behind it, I admire the technical work it went through and I am fascinated by its character. 

In fact, it is the character that the watch portrays that attracts me the most, and I find character in a SQUARE shaped watch case... a watch that you either like or dislike, but it is surely a watch that can never go unnoticed.

Although there are no real statistics about the percentage of SQUARE watches out of the total number of watches produced, but I reckon that they hardly represent 1-2% of the total market. And that was one additional reason to design SQUARE timepieces.

Now the fun part started... We came up with a SQUARE watch that I can confidently say ticks all the following:

- Attractive and worthy of being on the list of almost every watch addict and fashion lover

- Follows the latest trends in terms of colour of dials, bezels and bracelet designs

- Functional enough to be worn at almost every occasion, whether formal or casual

- Appealing to sports enthusiasts and enjoys a water resistance as deep as 100m

- Meets the best specs in terms of Stainless Steel cases, Sapphire Crystal, movements from the most reputable Swiss and Japanese accredited manufacturers (depending on the functionality of the watch), and uses only Swiss Luminous BGW9 Lume

- Assembled by the finest and most reputable Asian watch assembly factories

This timepiece is CARREAU... A watch that can easily be a conversation starter, given its unique and state of the art design. It is a fashion statement that I hope would become a trend that would last for years by creating a feeling of confidence every time one looks at his/her wrist.

Honestly, the whole idea of CARREAU started as an adventure, and the team and I were willing to take this adventure one step further to make a challenge out of it.

That’s why; we named our first and second collections CHALLENGER and ADVENTURER

We invite you to share the journey with us and start building your CARREAU collection.

 Daniel Nicholas